A Photographic History of Northern Utah mule Deer               
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   Mule deer, elk and fishing video


This is video footage I filmed of four coyote's attacking a young mule deer. The mother mule deer stands her ground to try to save her baby. Graphic footage. If you listen close you can hear the screams of the young mule deer. This is natures way. Harsh but real.



We set out in November to find deer and based on a tip. I hiked up a ridge to get a look at this buck I had been told was a true trophy.


The year was 2005 and the mule deer in the cache national forest seemed to be harder to find than years past. I searched for a while and then one evening as I worked my way up a canyon I saw a small four point mule deer buck fallowing a doe, I filmed them for a while then continued my quest. A few days later I and a small buck catch my attention as he feed threw the sage brush when from what seemed nowhere a nice four point appeared. The rut had started because he saw me with my cameras and gear but was more concerned with a doe that was close by the sun had set behind the western ridges so my footage was poor due to the onset of darkness but non the less I did get to see a mulie the had lived for a few years.



  Hard ware Ranch 1989. I had been working my way up and down Blacksmith Fork canyon this winter and I had a lot of chances to film deer mostly does and some elk. I decided to go on the sleigh ride that Hardware Ranch offers every year. There were some bulls in the herd and I tried to capture all off them in this movie. The size and number of big bulls before the limited entry hunt and spike only  hunt seems to be way down in comparison to the elk herds of 2004. I can say out in the back country in 2004 I saw more big bull elk than in the late 1980. I think back to the times when I was a boy and my grandfather would take me to Hardware Ranch and talk about the elk herds of old. He filled the ride up Blacksmith fork canyon with so many stories. It seemed as though every turn had some thing that had taken place. And some times dating back to the early 1900's. Well now it seems I can tell his stories and many of my own.          

 Rest in peace Grandpa. God bless you.

 Play Time 120seconds               Story by: David Saltern


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The year 2004 was a good year the snow came in October but melted away on the north facing slops. the wild life were having an easy winter up to the end of December. But then the northern cold came down on the Cache National forest. Mother nature would see to it that we would have enough snow to cure the drought. Through out December I had the chance to see the majestic bulls three times and with the on coming storms the night that I have on this video was my last. While I filmed these three Shiras Moose the snow came down and the cold in the wind bit at my fingers, at that moment I experienced the life of these creatures that live in solitude so far from people out in the environment no matter how harsh it may be. These bulls seemed to be more concerned about the status of top dog by a friendly antler smash than to worry about finding shelter. During the rut they would have been fierce rivals for the cow moose in heat. The fights would have been violent and possibly deadly. Well anyway this was something special  to see three of the largest big game animal in Utah. The Shiras Moose.    

                                                        Play Time 180seconds               Story by: David Saltern 



         This video was shot just west of Hardware Ranch. The year was 1989. It had been a cold winter and this morning was no different than most.  I had been watching an elk herd, Trying to see if there were any bulls with them. I moved my way up the ridge when several deer jumped and bounced away. As they made there way up the mountain I hurried to get my camera going. The deer moved closer and closer to the elk herd and the elk started to move up the drainage. At last my my camera was on and this is what this short sample will share with you. The one thing that this footage shows is that out of all these elk I didn't see one bull, not to mention how big elk really are compared to a deer. Now this was before the spike only and limited hunt. I dare say in the year 2004 if you see this many elk this close to Hardware Ranch this late in the year, You will most likely see a bull or two.

  Play Time 90 seconds               Story by: David Saltern



 It was late in the 2004 deer muzzle loader hunt and the weather had finally stopped raining, my wife Anna and I  hiked back in to a water hole one evening. We had been sitting and watching for about an hour when we heard an elk bugle back in the dark pines. It wasn't far from were we were sitting. We looked around and nothing, a moment later there stood a bull about 100 yards in front of us. The impressive elk moved through the meadow and came even closer. Still hunting we tried to not scare him in hopes a big buck might follow. I must say just seeing this guy made the night!     

Movie 39 sec        By: David Saltern



  2004/05 Hardware Ranch. I have been stopping by the ranch and with the latest snow there are more bulls than usual. The drive up Blacksmith Fork has been fun but the bucks are keeping scarce. My last drive was early after the heavy snow one side of the road wasn't even plowed. This made it a little scary to pull over and glass the deer that I spotted. My time was spent  watching the herd waiting for the bigger bulls to get up and move some did but some seemed content to stay put and relax. there are some very large bulls one off the biggest at the ranch comes and goes but he is a heavy antlered elk. Very impressive indeed. As I glassed the herd I noticed a few odd antlered elk and also lots of cows. The pull off was empty and in the silence I could hear the chirps and occasional antler clashes from the meadow in front of me, it has been a great winter so far I hope this snow which is 15 inches at least, will not stay to long which would make life better for the animals in the Canyon.                            Play Time 150seconds               Story by: David Saltern


Fishing for lake trout.

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